Pedigree, family raised Labrador retrievers and french bulldogs 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Limited Register?

Our puppies are registered with Dogs NSW as Pedigree Labradors. We register all pups on the "Limited Register". This means that buyers will receive their pedgree puppy with papers that prove that he/she is pedigree. A dog on the Limited Register is not for breeding or showing purposes. This is our way or protecting the breeding integrity of our line. In certain cases, we may agree to change a puppy to the Main Register only after the pups has obtained favourable hip/elbow scores, has met the breed standards and is owned by a registered breeder.

Are your dogs Hip/Elbow scored?

All of our breeding dogs are hip and elbow scored at around 12 months of age. We do not breed with any dog that has hip scores above the average for the Labrador Retriever. If you are purchasing a puppy from us, you can ask to see the certified hip/elbow score papers.

Do you DNA test your dogs?

Yes, our dogs are all DNA tested to ensure that we do not breed any litter with puppies affected by any of the diseases/traits that can be tested for. If you are purchasing a puppy from us, you can ask to see the certified DNA results.

Why don't you display your pedigrees on your website?

We do not display our pedigrees on our website because we like to protect this material from the general public. There are many puppy scams currently running whereby criminals "steal" pedigrees, photos and information from registered breeders and use these documents to assist in their scams. If you are purchasing a puppy from us, you will receive a copy of the pedigrees of both the Mother and Father dog and also the original pedigree for your puppy.

What colour Labradors do you breed?

Our lines allow us to breed labradors of all colours (chocolate, yellow and black). Please enquire for information as to the colour of any upcoming litter.

 Can you arrange transport of a puppy interstate?

Yes, we can arrange flights or ground transport if necessary. The cost of this will be absorbed by the buyer.

Can you export puppies from Australia?

In the past we have exported puppies from Australia to other parts of the world. Please enquire if you are interested in a export puppy.

Do you have a waiting list for puppies?

We generally do have a waiting list for our puppies. We encourage anyone seriously interested in a Libellenlabs puppy to make contact as soon as possible so you can place your name on our waiting list.